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Tiny house toilets: Why I switched from composting to flush

One of my main goals, is to live both sustainably, and as off-grid as possible. Going tiny was more than just about saving money for me, I also wanted to drastically reduce my carbon footprint. When I was researching toilet options, the composting toilet seemed like the best option for the vision of how I […]

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Tiny House Myths

There are many critiques of the tiny house movement. Many people believe it is just a hippie fad that will eventually fade away. Even worse, some people believe that the tiny house lifestyle is a scam, and not as efficient as some of us make it seem. Now I am a Sagittarius and love to […]

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How I downsized for tiny house life

So you want to live tiny but you have a house full of stuff? That was me too before I bought my tiny house. Downsizing is one of the most important things you have to do before going tiny. I mean theoretically you could totally live tiny without having to downsize, but that may be […]

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