Tiny House Myths

There are many critiques of the tiny house movement. Many people believe it is just a hippie fad that will eventually fade away. Even worse, some people believe that the tiny house lifestyle is a scam, and not as efficient as some of us make it seem. Now I am a Sagittarius and love to […]

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How I downsized for tiny house life

So you want to live tiny but you have a house full of stuff? That was me too before I bought my tiny house. Downsizing is one of the most important things you have to do before going tiny. I mean theoretically you could totally live tiny without having to downsize, but that may be […]

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Tiny house reality: A morning in our tiny house

Tiny house living can look so amazing on the internet. No really, all the glorious clean pictures, the adventures, the laughing families it looks amazing! And it really is, I absolutely love my home. But in reality y’all my day to day is pretty mundane. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below of a […]

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Tiny House Living with a Newborn

Before I had a rambunctious 16-month-old, I had a sweet little newborn. No seriously y’all the universe totally blessed me, I had the BEST newborn ever. She only cried to eat, slept really well, and was a pretty happy baby to be around. Newborn life in a tiny house was very different from newborn life […]

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Tiny house living with kids

It’s NOT a normal life. Living in a house under 300 sq. ft. with an adventurous toddler and a derpy dog. But its MY life, my dream life! When I designed my tiny house, I figured I’d have at least 5 years in it before having to share it with another person and kids! But […]

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Life: Hi! It’s ME

Hello Beautiful reader! Welcome to my life. You now have a front row seat to my life and the innerworkings of my mind! A little about myself, I am a 24-year-old single mom to two beautiful babies (one human and one fur baby). My human baby is 15 months old (and she knows she’s the […]

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